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The Basque Cake

Typical of the Basque Country, it is the most famous dessert! Traditionally stuck in the black cherries or of cream, it will delight your palate.

We advise you the visit of the Museum of the Basque Cake in Sare.


Stew of calf in the Espelette chili, peppers and anoints, generally served with potatoes, Axoa is a traditional dish of the small region of Labourd in the Basque Country.


It is a traditional pancake of corn of the Basque Country and Navarre. Often furnished with ventrêche, cheese and fried onions. It is a delight for all the gourmands. She can also taste sweetened!

Come to enjoy it the campsite snack-bar.

The Ewe cheese and its jam of Cerise Noires

It is the Basque speciality: the association of the ewe cheese and the jam of black cherry. The contrast of the sweet / salty is a perfect combination.

Leave to discover the road Ossau Iraty with its various farms.

The famous Ham of Bayonne salted in Salies de Béarn.

Visit the Pierre Ibaialde workshop in Bayonne.